Thursday, January 22, 2009

Easton's Blessing

Easton Bruce Dykstra
We named Easton after his great grandpa, Bruce Lindow. He is an exceptional man.

We are so glad that we have both sides of the family living close by!

It was a wonderful day!

Friday, November 7, 2008

He has Arrived!

Baby Easton was born Monday, Nov. 3rd! He weighed 8lb
and 2oz and was 20 in. long. I had an induction scheduled
for 7:00 a.m. on Monday, but he decided he wanted to
come on his own--I went into labor at 3:30 Monday morning!

We are both doing great. However, Easton did have to be admitted to the NICU for a couple days but was released Thursday. Our blood types are incompatible and he was diagnosed with being Coombs Positive. Basically, my blood recognized his as being foreign and began attacking his red blood cells. His liver couldn't process my antibodies causing his belirubin count to sky rocket (which leads to brain damage and death). Thankfully, the treatments worked quickly and he is healthy little boy! We are very grateful for prayer and modern medicine that saved his life.

Enoch is in love with his new little brother! Watching him interact
with Easton has been so fun!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


We finally sold our house in Springville! What a blessing it was to be able to sell it in a market like we had this summer. Our agent said right after we got an offer she stopped getting calls on our house. So we are glad that it's gone. Although, I do have some mixed feelings because it's the first "big" project Justin and I did together and it's where we began our family. But, things always work out for the best and where we are now is an enormous blessing! So here are some photos of where we used to call home!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Graduation!

Thursday (8/7) Justin took his LAST final! Hooray!!! He was so worried about graduating that he called his counselor two times last week just to make sure that he didn't have a lingering credit hidden anywhere. Apparently, the second time he called her she laughed and humored him by looking up his record again and yes all the requirements had been met! So, Enoch and I decided to throw him a mini surprise party (just us three). We bought balloons, hung up a sign, made lasagna (which is a treat for us), baked cookies (Justin's fav dessert) and had ice cream. Enoch had a fun time hiding and yelling surprise as Justin walked through the door. However, earlier that day Enoch said, "Daddy, mommy bought balloons for a surprise for you!" I guess that's what happens when you tell a two year old to keep a secret! We are proud of Justin and haven't stopped chanting, "No more school!" "No more school!" "No more school!"

And, thanks to my dad and mom who had us over for a BBQ that following Sunday so we could celebrate together! You can always count on them for yummy food and a fun time!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Dino Museum

Justin has been talking about the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point since we were dating. He thinks it's amazing! So, last Tuesday (for $2 bucks!) Enoch and I along with my sister and her kids decided to go. It was really neat and the kids had a lot of fun. I think Enoch is a little too young to understand the whole bone thing, but he loved the huge shark head,the sand at the end and just running around with his cousins.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Family News

Since this is my first post, I decided to write a quick update on our family:
  • Enoch is now two and a half and the funnest little guy around. He constantly says and does things that make us laugh. He is all boy. He loves throwing rocks, playing soccer, cars, dinosaurs, animals, going to the park and swimming. But, I think his all time favorite thing to do is play with his cousins. He now says, "Mom, let's go to Grammy's with my cousins and then you go!" In fact, the other day he didn't even want me in the same room as he and his cousins he said, "Gooooo, go please!" I can't believe I'm so easily replaced!!! We love that little boy more than we ever imagined!
  • Each morning Justin and I wake up one day closer to graduation. His last official class is August 7th! I can't believe that he has gotten through is bachelors in 2.5 years! Way to go homey!
  • Baby Boy! We are expecting a new little boy this November. Enoch is very excited to have a brother. He definitely loves babies, so hopefully that will still be the case when we have one home with us everyday! He often looks at my stomach and says, "Mom, the baby's getting bigger!"

Cousin Fun!

Enoch's cousins are so good to him. Although, he is the youngest they treat him just like one of the "big kids"! He has so much fun with them, especially the last couple weeks while his cousin Jesseca was visiting! We miss you Jess, Bella and of course Mugsy!